Here are some of the recent comments by promoters after their Night Out event.

"I would recommend this show to everyone old and young alike. The sound they make is quite wonderful. They give you goose bumps that then turns into a big wide smile and makes you want to get up a dance"
"Noson Allan is a truly inspired idea. It enables small rural communities such as ours to enjoy a wide variety of cultural events otherwise beyond our financial reach - long may it thrive!"

"This was a terrific show again and we all felt very privileged to be a part of it."
"It's great to bring the community together to see good theatre at affordable prices, on our doorstep; long may the 'Night out scheme' continue."

Twm O'r nant 1 photo Gerallt llewelyn

"People are travelling from other communities to see shows because of the reputation of the hall"

"Excellent show- wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Lovely to hear young children heartily laugh out loud"
"The whole community , young and old came together to enjoy the music"
"An elderly gentleman said it brought tears of laughter to his eyes and brought back happy memories"
"A fantastic evening with unsuspected audience participation creating a great feeling of community in our little village Hall"

bash st 2 photoHazel Hannant bash st 6 photoHazel Hannant
"The Night Out scheme once again came up trumps and supported a fantastic community night out - fantastic show!"
"This tour has brought a type of show that would never ever go to village halls usually - and gave the most outstanding experience to people who would not normally go to the theatre. Everyone was totally blown away!"
"The show lived up to all the expectations, not just to the volunteers involved but also to the audience who gave great praise and asked for more future show on their way out. "
"Brilliant! we will definitely be having them back they were awesome. What a sound for just voices and a drum!"
"Absolutely brilliant, a top quality experience for all who saw the show or attended the workshops. Nothing that was asked was to much for them and the children and young people learned so much about a culture they new nothing of."
"The Nightout scheme provides the essential "safety net" that encourages groups to organise events, without it, it would be difficult to engage the confidence to put on a show"

Cwmaman 5 photo by Betina Skovbro  Cwmaman 2 photo by Betina Skovbro

"The Nightout Scheme has provided the opportunity for the community to experience cultural difference and challenge sterotypes"

"We would never have risked booking an act of this high standard without the generous support of Night Out. It was wonderful to know we would not lose money on the event."

"This was our first venture with Night Out and it was excellent in all respects."

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"Without Night Out, this venture would be virtually impossible for us to stage, and yet it provides such an important social, communal event. We take our hats off to you. Thank you"
"Brilliant opportunity for communities to come together and enjoy something extra special right on their front doorstep."

"Without Night Out our committee would not have taken the risk to put on what proved to be a performance worthy of any major venue."
"I love Night Out...(this is sincere!)"

bash st 4 photoHazel Hannant

"People are travelling from other communities to see shows because of the reputation of the hall"

"I wasn't familiar with Night Out before. What a wonderful opportunity this provides for communities to put on shows that they normally wouldn't be able to. I can't praise the scheme enough!"